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Premium Company Profile: get the most impact from your presence on The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette website. Your upgraded company profile and job descriptions will help attract candidates who can learn more about your company and positions, thanks to imagery, videos, and additional descriptive text you can incorporate.


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Want to make the best possible impression with candidates? You can enhance your company’s image on The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette website by creating an impactful company profile and job descriptions.


  • Create an appealing company overview with images, videos and text. Our easy-to-use online tool lets you customize your company profile and job descriptions on our job board.


  • Create custom headline imagery, incorporating your logo, photography or other assets.
  • Add multiple job description themes. For example, you may want to have one appearance designed to speak to engineering job candidates, and something different for sales or marketing positions. Your job description themes can include photos, videos and additional text.
  • Edit and publish your company profile as often as you need.

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